Vietnam Energy Efficiency Network

A partnership platform aims at optimizing sustainable energy objectives through Communications, Project Development & Capacity Building in Vietnam.


Project Development

Capacity Building

Our Audiences
  • Expertise from Energy, Construction, Industry areas
  • Associations & Institutions
  • Job-seekers & Graduates
  • Companies & Organization in Vietnam781

600 +

Associations & Institutions

500 +

Professors & Students

1,700 +

Technical Organizations
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Our Services & References

There are good Energy Efficiency ideas and approaches in many areas. But how can they be communicated to buyers? We develop and manage communication platforms, campaigns, competitions and PR in order to achieve these objectives. After all, it is demand that will ultimately prove decisive, not supply. Our channels are Social Media, Newsletter & Publications.

We initiate, design and moderate a variety of dialogue formats at the interface between business including expert workshops and conferences. Here we can build on our cross-sectoral network that has matured over many years.

International companies usually face obstacles when local companies’ websites are non-existent, uninformative, Vietnamese-only or phones and emails are uncontactable. We are able to bypass these entry barriers and support you with an individualized business partner search.

We develop and manage projects on behalf of our clients on energy-efficiency-related fields.  We demonstrate how the energy transition can succeed in a practical setting. We trust in high quality, promote knowledge networks and use the experience acquired to develop more advanced solutions and strategies.

We supply potential technical HR for companies through strategic and intensive internship programs. Simultaneously, we improve future engineers with high quality on Knowledge, Practice and Motivation for energy labor market in Vietnam

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