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Proceeding of the Opening Workshop‘s Vietnam Energy Efficiency Building Week 2021
Building & Cities: Race to Net-Zero

With the support of the FES Institute, the proceeding of the Workshop " Buildings & Cities: Race to Net-zero" within the framework of Vietnam Energy Efficiency Building Week 2021 was officially published. The publication was written by expert speakers at the Opening Workshop which obtains in-depth analysis on "Net-zero Buildings and Cities" in different areas such as planning, design, construction, materials, engineering or technology

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Currently, our city is facing a number of global challenges due to the “huge” global CO2 emissions each year. Of those total emissions, construction activities play an important role in achieving the 1.5 degrees C target of the Paris Agreement. As global climate change reports show, temperatures are rising faster than ever before and show the serious and long-term effects of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere. Therefore, we cannot be late in this “race”, acting now to limit the worst consequences of climate change.
Let's join EEN-Vietnam to be part of the "race to zero" - For a future for us, for humanity!

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Vietnam Energy Efficiency Building Week VEEBW 2021

From Wednesday, November 3, 2021, to Friday, November 5, 2021, Vietnam Energy Efficiency Building Week VEEBW 2021 – a series of technical webinars and communication activities are held with the theme of “Net-zero Buildings & Cities. For People - For Future” received significant attention from 677 attendees.

With the sharing from individual experts and the related units, three webinars are three important elements in promoting the “Net Zero” movement in the construction sector in Vietnam, including (i) the development strategy of the construction industry built through lessons from international experiences, (ii) application of innovative solutions in architecture and new materials to solve the challenges of energy balance buildings, (iii) the effects of combining of energy efficiency and the application of renewable energy in energy balance buildings.
At VEEBW 2021, The focus topic of the program includes multi-dimensional sharing about low-carbon city planning development strategies through international and local best examples, application of innovative solutions in design and materials new building materials, and renewable energy. Thereby, the webinar series is believed to set the premise for sustainable development of the upcoming generation of energy-balanced buildings for Vietnamese people and the future.

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"Buildings & Cities: Race to Net-zero"

on Online Vietnam Architecture Magazine

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Forum 02 "Unlock Net-zero Commercial Buildings – Rooftop Solar & Energy Efficiency"

on Truyền Hình Nhân Dân

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