Vietnam Energy Efficiency Building Week VEEBW 2021

Vietnam Energy Efficiency Building 2021


Net-zero Buildings & Cities

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03.11 - 05.11

The highlights of the program are 03 professional webinars connecting experts, institution and organizations from the fields of planning, investment, architecture, consulting, building materials and renewable energy in Vietnam and developed countries. The focus topic of the program includes multi-dimensional sharing about low-carbon city planning development strategies through international and local best examples, application of innovative solutions in design and materials new building materials and renewable energy. Thereby, the webinar series is believed to set the premise for sustainable development of the upcoming generation of energy-balanced buildings for Vietnamese people and future.

Through this webinar series, Vietnam Energy Efficiency Building Week VEEBW 2021 aims to create a premise for orientation and strategy development for the Vietnamese construction market by updating typical innovative models and experience sharing from cities, hence identify the challenges and opportunities for Vietnam’s construction market. Moreover, the latest updates on initiatives, innovative solutions, and advanced models which are placed in the Vietnamese context will contribute to opening up opportunities for business communities and individuals to apply and create the most advanced methods and innovative technical solutions in the world, but also feasible and suitable for the Vietnamese market.

Facing of the challenges of climate change, Net-zero Energy Buildings have become one of the most comprehensive solutions to simultaneously solve 02 problems: Reducing CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in the construction sector and ensuring building comfort, improving quality of built environment. Thanks to multi-stakeholder collaboration in the application of renewable energy, advanced materials and smart products, energy-balanced buildings begins to appear in major cities around the world.


Cities is seen as a driving force behind the wave of urban growth. According to GlobalABC, urban area requires for an additional 230 billion square meters of floor area every year. In addition to construction activities, highly active economic activities and consumer lifestyles in cities also contribute to the rising level of energy consumption in major cities. According to a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), cities account for 66% of global energy demand and are responsible for 75% of CO2 emissions each year. Therefore, energy-balanced buildings will be an important factor to solve the challenges of economic development and environmental protection in general and in urban areas in particular.

Vietnam, where sustainable development is threatened by rapid economic growth and urbanization, cannot stay out of this trend. However, the incompetence of carbon audit assessment systems and lack of comprehensive programs and models in construction sector create a deficiency in Net-zero projects in the market. These challenges show that it is crucial to exchange and learn from experiences of developed countries and pioneering organizations in carbon-neutral projects


In this context, three webinars are three important elements in promoting “Net Zero” movement in construction sector in Vietnam, including (i) the development strategy of construction industry built through lessons from international experiences, (ii) application of innovative solutions in architecture and new materials to solve the challenges of energy balance buildings, (iii) the effects of combining of energy efficiency and the application of renewable energy in energy balance buildings.

Webinar Series




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